Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Posting guidelines

The following guidelines for posting may please be kept in mind: 1. All posts need to based on first-hand experiences, reflections and insights. This is no place for gyan, theory or any intellectual debate. 2. The experiences may be related to, besides Hindustani classical, light classical genres like geet, bhajan, ghazal, thumri, tappa and folk like chaiti, rasiya, jhumar, kajri etc. Any experience related to genres not rooted in Indian music like indi-pop or fusion may be avoided. 3. Swaratma is about integration of the swar (the note) with the atma (the soul, the Self). It is not one of the two. Therefore, technical / theoretical details of music and / or spirituality may be avoided. 4. While one can be and should be authentic and forthright in expressing ones experience, care must be taken not to hurt anyone's sentiment and more importantly not to express any bias or prejudice. 5. Use as many pictures (with captions) and videos as possible in the post. Needless to state, these should not violate any copyright. The posts may be within 800 to 1000 words length.